NEWS & Change-Log DE - Resources Game Mon, 30 Oct 2023 06:36:27 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb (RESOURCES GAME Community) V2.0.8 (8175) 29.10.2023

  • SDK Updates
  • Bugfixes
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V2.0.7 (8169) 11.08.2023

  • Bugfixes
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V2.0.6 (8167) 01.08.2023 Server-Side Update:

  • Auctions: The starting price (and thus the amount of the next bid) for an item is now dynamic and will adjust, if possible, based on the data collected from the previous auctions.


  • Fix: GDPR settings can be changed (Tap on the link at the bottom left of the ad mission).
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V2.0.5 (8166)
  • Various bug fixes
  • Ad mission: Mandatory GDPR consent implemented
  • Mine list: New sorting option "Quality (incl. boosts)"
  • Warehouse info dialog: New button in price history opens dialog with trade history
  • Longclick on most item icons now directly opens the warehouse information dialog.
  • *Notes on the consent dialog:
    The dialog is provided by Google (AdMob). Settings in this dialog are not saved. Google only receives and stores the "end result" of the form. The ability to reset consent-settings will be provided (for now, on Android: "Clear data" or reset advertising ID via Android system settings -> Advertising settings, on iOS: uninstall and reinstall the app).

    In the previous version (v1.x) of Resources, personalized advertisements were presented to you without your consent. However, this year, user consent is now mandatory under the GDPR. Consent is given once through a dialog when opening the ad mission.

    If you don't want to give blanket consent for personalized advertising, you have the option to grant consent for individual areas. By default, all options are inactive or defined as "denied." This means that confirming the default selection achieves the same result as "Decline," and you will no longer receive any advertisements. Consent must be explicitly and manually granted for each point and service provider.

    If you only wish to accept non-personalized advertising, you must accept the first point in the selection ("Store and/or access information on a device") (a small amount of "personal" data is required to prevent abuse, consider frequency capping, and provide statistics for those who ultimately want to display and pay for the advertisements). Additionally, in the "Vendor preferences" settings, the only vendor that needs to be approved is "Google Advertising Products" (including the option "legitimate interest").

    I recommend granting consent for personalized advertising in the interest of Resources-Game and all other content creators whose digital works you appreciate or use daily, and who finance their work, in part, through moderately served advertisements.

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    V2.0.4 (8160)
  • Settings: erweiterte Einstellungen für die Abkürzung von Zahlen und Map-Marker
  • Bugfixes
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    V2.0.3 (8156) Thank you very much for your numerous kind and constructive feedback! It greatly helps in bringing Version 2.x of Resources back to a good technical and content level. Some of it has been incorporated into this update, while others will be addressed in future updates.


    • UI scaling settings
    • Various layout adjustments
    • Reintroduction of some overlooked QOL-features from v1.9.5
    • Numerous bug fixes
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    V2.0.2 (8148) Server-side adjustments:

    05/14/23 - Mission adjustments

    • Mission "Scan junkie": Target fixed at 25 scans, reward fixed at 10 TU2. (Scanning into nothingness 500 times for a handful of TUs is not really enjoyable and unnecessarily stresses the server.)
    • Mission "Pimp my factory": Target fixed at 5. Reward remains dynamic.

    Resources Game v2.0


    The entire client code had to be rebuilt from scratch and seamlessly integrated into an already active game with an active player base using a different client version. Therefore, please bear with me if there are some bugs or crashes in the first versions of the new client. ;)

    Please report bugs as usual either via the in-app function (in the settings) or by email to

    I've tried to make the game interface resemble the original Android version as closely as possible, so that players who have become accustomed to the old UI for several years can still find their way around easily.

    A big thank you to the testing group whose eagle eyes and diligent reports have greatly contributed to offering you a "stress-free" transition to the new version 2.0. :)


    General UI revision

    • Info dialogs have received a sidebar with context-related functions (e.g. for actions such as update, booster, instant production, defense, tech upgrade, contacts, etc.).
    • Most lists can now be individually sorted by drag & drop ("sorting arrows" for factories are no longer necessary).
    • There will be no special layout for tablets for the time being.


    • The Local Scan is no longer limited to the user's exact location. Now, you can scan and build within a small radius (45m) around your current position.
    • The scanner now displays all resources found at the scanned location.
    • Tapping on a found resource changes the active resource.
    • The scanner now always provides correct values for the scanned point, regardless of the level of the tech center.
    • The scan button automatically switches to the corresponding scan mode (local or drone).
    • The "Drone Collect Mode" function no longer exists. Instead, drone loot works on the same principle as truck loot: tapping on the drone icon on the left side of the map collects all crates in the drone collection circle.
    • When collecting crates with a drone, crates that are no longer in local range are automatically collected by the drone.
    • Indicators on the truck loot/drone loot buttons show the consumption of trucks or drones. The confirmation before each loot for drone and truck loot is removed.
    • There are two new options above the map functions: hide scan cloud and full-screen mode.
    • Tapping on a scan position in the scan results window sets the map center to the scan position.
    • Automatic display of the scan results window after each scan can be optionally disabled.


    • Auctions have their own page in the app.


    • Now shows the history of the working atmosphere.
    • The "Google Play Games" functions have been removed from the app.


    • Search function


    • Search function
    • The command "#mystat" is no longer supported. The statistics of each player can be accessed by tapping on a player, for example in the PN chat dialog.


    • The function for sharing stats via social media is currently unavailable.


    • New options in the settings for manual drag & drop sorting or the familiar automatic sorting via "favorite star" for missions.
    • New option for logarithmic sliders with large value ranges.
    • The functionality for offline maps had to be omitted for the time being because the data format of the former offline maps was not "out-of-the-box" supported by the new map SDK.

    Adjustment of conventional penalties for missions (affects all clients)

    • The design of the gradation of penalties for missed missions has been adjusted so that low-level players are significantly relieved. The amount of penalties increases exponentially with increasing player level. To have a simple idea of the change: up to about level 230, you will pay less penalty than before, but at level 230 it will be more expensive than before.

    Adjustment of unique auctions (affects all clients)

    • After an extended period of inactivity (more than 3 months without logging in), unique items will be made available for auction again. The previous and inactive owner will lose the item, but will retain the luxury points earned for that auction.

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    V1.9.5 (6475) Update

    • Cause of extreme data consumption fixed


    • Transparency of the scancloud can now be set individually in the settings menu
    • Bugfixes (wanderer mission, scancloud shift)

    • Android 12 compatibility
    • Android SDK updates
    • price alarm can additionally be defined with a minimum request amount.
    • jackpot amount indicator at the casino entry in the special buildings tab

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    V1.9.4 (5686) 1.9.4 b5686:

    • Mandatory adjustments due to extended Google guidelines (permission request for background location queries with Android 11)

    Changing the Resources Credits currency symbol from "$" to "ꞓ"

    • Due to regulations of some national age rating systems, real money currency/symbols may not be used as currency for virtual play money.
      The Ꞓ (minuscule: ꞓ) is a modified letter of the Latin alphabet, formed from C with the addition of a bar. It is part of the Unicode character set U+A793 (see
      In the chat the symbol can be written by typing "$$", "¢¢", "££", "€€", "¥¥", or "₩₩".

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    V1.9.3 (5591) Factories:

    • The factories' production can be accelerated by using special finds. Accelerations can be activated in the factory information window once accelerators are available in the warehouse.
    • The use of production accelerators has different effects on the working atmosphere.
    • An accelerator's specified duration X is the accelerator's absolute duration of action. Thus the accelerator remains active even if there's no production. Its duration of action will not be affected by the use of a giant diamond.
    • Instant productions with giant diamonds consider the accelerated factory performance.

    New finds "Production accelerators":

    • Wage subsidy: +10% for 120 hours, positive WA effect
    • Guest workers: +15% for 96 hours, slightly negative WA effect
    • Night shift: +20% for 8 hours, negative WA effect
    • Overtime: +25% for 3 hours, distinct negative WA effect

    Working atmosphere:

    • A little indicator now displays changes in the working atmosphere.
    • Having a very bad working atmosphere can result in a temporary decrease of the factory production of a randomly chosen factory.


    • When selling an item the average acquisition price of the last purchases of this item will be displayed.
    • The absolute price increase compared to the actual top price of a new item request will be saved and applied as a resubmission at the next request of the same item (rounded in steps of 5 respectively).


    • The winnings ticker (info button) displays the number of rolled winning combinations.

    Contacts- and POI list:

    • Option added to sort saved POIs by distance or alphabetically


    • When comparing with another player the own values will be colored according to the scheme "I'm better/equal/worse".

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